Merging the Art of Mediation with the Business of Divorce Mediation


For Alpha clients:

The most effective solution for volatile divorce clients is the strong foundation and structure of Alpha’s 7 Step Divorce Mediation Program. Over the past 20 years, we have developed and continually improved upon this unique interdisciplinary program to bring about the following key results:

  • 85% of Clients who enter the Alpha 7-Step Divorce Mediation Program complete it successfully.
  • Most clients complete the 7-Step Program within 3-6 months and at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.
  • Client surveys reveal a 90% satisfaction rating for the Alpha Center professionals.

For Alpha Attorneys:

There is nothing more professionally satisfying than providing a valuable service, having clients appreciate it and being financially rewarded without having to chase unpaid fees.

Here are some of the ways the Alpha program and business structure supports Attorney-Mediators:

  • The 7-Step Divorce Mediation Program provides Attorneys with absolute control of their schedules and their clients.
  • Client meetings are based on a highly structured practice model that facilitates much greater productivity while lowering Attorney time commitments.
  • The structured flat fee system provides the Attorney with healthy profit margins and facilitates solid financial planning.
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