Merging the Art of Mediation with the Business of Divorce Mediation


The Wisdom of Outsourcing

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest”, the sage advice from Peter Drucker, is the defining strategy that separates struggling practices from successful ones.

Even when a practice owner understands the wisdom in outsourcing, they frequently struggle to find the best resources. Marketing people are often much better at marketing their services than they are at delivering them, especially in the sensitive arena of divorce. Off the shelf Case Management tools offer a one size fits all solution that costs less and delivers far less than optimal value. Technology is a moving target that few fully understand so continue to throw good money after bad as they take recommendations on “blind faith”.

Alpha Center Licensees by-pass these expensive learning curves and begin their practices by leveraging Alpha Center’s 20 years of experience in refining marketing, management and technology strategies outlined below.

  • Website Design, Content & Optimization
  • Branding Strength in Brochures & all Printed Materials
  • Network Building & Maintenance
  • Precision Statistical Tracking Tools
  • Consulting Services on Demand
  • Refined Intake Protocol
  • Customized Case Management System
  • Valuable Statistical Analysis
  • Consulting Services on Demand
  • Customized Calendar System
  • Cloud based CRM and Document Retention Computer
  • Hardware & Software Recommendations
  • Consulting Services on Demand
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