Merging the Art of Mediation with the Business of Divorce Mediation

Program Start-up and Training Services

Intensive Five Day Training for Attorney-Mediator Licensee to Master:

  • 7-Step Divorce Mediation Program
  • Client Intake and Consultation Protocol
  • Practice Management
  • Scheduling System
  • Case Management System
  • Statistical Tracking System
  • Client Feedback System
  • Marketing Plan Elements and Implementation

Two On-line Training Sessions for each Professional Team Member:

  • Therapist Mediator
  • Accountant Mediator
  • Financial Counselor

Practice Implementation including Set-up for the following:

  • Scheduling System
  • Cloud-based Case Management System & Document Retention System
  • Statistical Tracking System
  • Client Feedback System
  • Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation Website Listing
  • Alpha Resource Center Website Listings for Resources

Marketing Material Initial Provision (500 of each)

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Address Labels
  • Client Folders
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