Merging the Art of Mediation with the Business of Divorce Mediation

Program Start-up and Training Services

Alpha’s 7-Step Divorce Mediation program is supported by a highly structured and technologically advanced business model that gives an you all of the support and guidance you need to ensure success.

  • The structure of the 7-Step Divorce Mediation Program allows you to fully control your schedule, facilitating greater productivity while lowering your time commitments.
  • The structured Case Management, Calendar and Document Retention systems, provide integrated support so that you can manage each case with more efficiency and less effort.
  • The structured flat fee system provides you with healthy profit margins and facilitates solid financial planning.
  • Satisfied clients provide a steady stream of referrals that, coupled with other wise initiatives, ensures a steady flow of good clients.
  • You can build a viable practice within months rather than years.
  • You have experienced experts on hand to guide and support you in working “Smarter” rather than “Harder”.
  • You avoid the many traps of “Trial and Error” client services, marketing and financial decisions.
  • With proper guidance, the practice they develop can be sold so it becomes a “nest egg” for retirement.
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