Merging the Art of Mediation with the Business of Divorce Mediation

Here’s what our licensees say about Alpha Center

I decided to join the Alpha family and open my own Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation in Colorado because I believe that the Alpha program is a superior divorce mediation program. Alpha utilizes a team approach to divorce mediation which provides its clients with a full service divorce. Not only is the normal divorce mediation pieces of child custody, child support, maintenance, and asset division taken care of but the client is provided with additional services and access to mediators that specialize in the different aspects of divorce. The therapist, the attorney, the tax accountant and the financial planner all participate in the client’s program providing them with not only a better divorce solution but with the skills and information to ensure that they start their new lives on the best possible footing.

A great benefit of owning an Alpha Center for Divorce for me is that all the systems are set up, the business systems, the divorce mediation program and the client management. And I get the support I need when I need it whether I have a question about the program, marketing or client situations.

Karen P. Kealy, Esquire
Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation
Loveland, CO

I decided to open my own Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation for several reasons: I wanted to help people, not be instrumental in causing strife and discord in families. I wanted to know that my clients had the absolute best outcome possible from this already difficult and often expensive transition from a single household to two separate households. I wanted my clients to be invested in and happy with the results of this transition, not left feeling that they were at the mercy of a dispassionate court.

Alpha offers all of this and more! Alpha allows me to help my clients reduce stress, costs, and discord. The program ensures that the clients aren’t expending valuable resources on years of litigation whose results often enforce a rift between the family. The Alpha program allows me to guide couples in effecting a life altering transition such that they are ready to face their new future with financial security and a plan to ensure their family will remain just that – a family.

Alpha Center has given me the tools, the training and the support I need to run a successful business. I can leverage their experience of over 20 years of building a profitable practice. I know they have my back.

Ashlynn McCarthy
Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation
Broomfield, CO

With Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation, the wheel has been invented. All I have to do is roll it down the hill.

Cassandra Savoy
7-Step Divorce Mediation Program
Bloomfield, NJ

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